Rusty- The 3D Tractor DIY Model-Creative Cardboard Games for Kids


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Whom are we kidding? Aren’t we all a bit intrigued when we see a tractor? Yeah, tractors are a bit old these days but RUSTY is not one of those tractors. This cool 76- piece tractor is self-propelled. It comes with an easy-to-understand instruction manual consisting of detailed 3D images. Build time: 60 minutes.
Rusty is made out of imported engineered wood – Pine MDF which makes the model sturdy and durable
Assembly: No tools or accessory is needed to build the model. The parts need to be detached from the sheet and assembled as per the instructions. In case of any broken or missing parts, please contact us. We would be happy to assist you
Self-propelled: Rusty operates on two motors that are powered by rubber bands. The rubber bands are stretched when the Tractor is pulled back and powered forward when released.
Learn while building: A fun activity for children that not only promotes and enhances their problem-solving, planning, and critical thinking skills but also teaches them about some basic concepts of Physics. Advised for children 10 and above. (contains small parts that are necessary to build the model)
An innovative gift that will be a great addition to the space for any person who enjoys making creative and fun DIY models.

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